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  1. Act like an Ant. Management is about financial decision-making. An ant has a savvy entrepreneur’s character for the 21st century economy.
  2. Be like a Bee. A bee doesn’t ask permission to gather the best nectar; it flies until it has found the most suitable. The best nectar will lead to the best final product. Stop only when you spot it.
  3. Endure like a Camel. A camel can survive without water for 10 months! Entrepreneurial life is mostly about scarcity of money, time, or any kind of resources. Get ready to survive in the desert. The best is yet to come!
  4. Act like a Duck. Negativity is all around. People will try to discourage you; let the negativity flow off you like water off a duck’s back.
  5. Envision like an Eagle. You should see into the future in order to break through with disruptive solutions and innovative ideas.
  6. Be a noisy Fly. Never underestimate a small beginning; it doesn’t mean you can’t be noisy. Make your presence known.
  7. Get ready to grow like a Giraffe. Never say you are too small for a particular partner or investor. Billion dollar businesses always start small but are ready to expand quickly and without limits
  8. Remain Human. Entrepreneurship should never dehumanize you. Relationships are key to your growth.
  9. Jump high like an Impala. Business is about scalability. No progress means you are failing.
  10. Endure like a Jackal. Endurance is key to entrepreneurial business. Do not neglect your health.
  11. Do not sleep like a Koala. Planning your resting time is key to your success.
  12. Be as resilient as a Lobster. A business’ longevity reflects its leader’s determination to make things happen. Longevity promotes trust.
  13. Be as calm as a Molly. Self-control is key to your business and reflects your maturity.
  14. Regenerate like a Newt. Destruction happens. People will recall your capacity to build over the ruins.
  15. Be as efficient as an Oyster. Your capacity to work and be efficient under pressure will project confidence and lead to new business opportunities.
  16. Show off like a Peacock. Good and efficient communication will reveal your talents to the world. You must be seen!!
  17. Be Happy like a Quokka. A positive attitude will help you to make trails through the long grass!
  18. Be strong, loyal and self-assured like a Rottweiler. Business will bring investors and partners. Loyalty will turn them into friends. Strength and self-assurance will make them life-long business partners.
  19. Be as sly as a Snake. We live in a tough world. Like in poker, do not show all your cards.
  20. Work hard & cherish your team like Termites
  21. Be a migrant like an Umbrella bird. Move until you find a suitable location for your business.
  22. Avoid Viper’s tongue. Nice words reflect a good heart and are likely to attract people.
  23. Defend your territory like a Wolf pack. Competition is tough. Mark and protect your territories with the help of your pack – your ecosystem of partners.
  24. Get the X factor. Innovate and differentiate yourself to survive.
  25. Be curious like a Yorkshire Terrier. You must be ready to live an entrepreneurial adventure.
  26. Be unique like a Zebra. Your patterns should bring something new and unique to the world.


by Reine Essobmadje  @ReineEssobmadje   IG:Queen_Dollars


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